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2022 Retreat Lectures and Workshops

You will be able to choose from the following options when you register for the 2022 Soulful Knitting Retreat. The retreat will be held October 21-23, 2022 at the Crowne Plaza in Ktichener, ON.

We will come together during meals, a silent auction and a few hours with vendors. There will a lot of time open for sharing and knitting together. And we'll all get a taste of the talents of the workshop facilitators.


In order to facilitate scheduling, You'll be asked for lecture and workshop preferences with registration and then invoiced separately. This allows for course offerings to be adjusted based on interest. Spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Find details about the retreat schedule HERE.


There will be a lecture scheduled Friday 7-9 PM, with the possibility of additional offerings depending on interest.

Lectures will be about 30-45 min lecture followed by discussion.

Cost is $25+tax per lecture for retreat guests, and $35+tax for non-retreat guests.


This talk is about giving you the knowledge and skills required to make sure knitted sweaters fit your unique shape. You’ll learn about gauge, measurements, and sizing. It's a body positive message from a designer who knows what it's like to fit to an above average size.

Non-retreat guest are welcome to register for this lecture only HERE.


Colour Theory with Annika Peloski

Why do some colours vibrate and others seem to fade together?

Colour! We all know that it can make or break a project, but how do we know which of the hundreds of hues out there are the 'right' ones?

The wonderful rainbow will be explored, explained and expanded upon until you are comfortable making your own beautiful palette to use in all your crafts!

This lecture and question/answer workshop is multi-craftual friendly, and you don't need any prerequisites to come and get colourful.

No kit is required, although there will be colour wheels and pins available for optional purchase if you want to take your new found knowledge to the next level at home.

Join Annika from Dragon Strings as she walks through colour theory from the very basics to more advance projects with multiple shades and hues.

Non-retreat guest are welcome to register for this lecture only HERE.

Fibre Facts with Fiona Stevenson

Choosing the right yarn for your project can be the difference between knitting failure or success. Fiona will share with you everything she knows about fibre. You’ll learn details about yarn qualities like fibre stretch, memory, warmth, and durability. You’ll be amazed what how much there is to know about fibre!

Non-retreat guests are welcome to register for this lecture HERE.


These are hands-on sessions with a talented range of instructors. 

Material requirements differ between classes. Some are included, others require you to get the required materials before the class. Cost of workshop and materials is indicated in the description for each course.


Learn to make these traditional maritime mittens with warm, waterproof fleece lining. The thrum - unspun wool - is knit into the inside of the mitten as you go creating a soft insulation on the inside, and a lovely pattern on the outside. Teacher, Fiona Stevenson, will take you from cuff to top thrumming all the way in this 3-hour workshop.

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite Skills: knitting in round, knit, purl

Materials (Included): pattern, 50g of roving, and

1 skein of worsted weight wool. $40 value.

 Cost: $100 + tax

Register for this workshop:

Saturday Oct. 22 from 10:00 - 12.30 PM

Yarn Dying with Annika Peloski


Come create your own variegated yarn! Join Annika of Dragon Strings as she demystifies the yarn dyeing process and brings along the supplies for you to create your very own colourful Strings. This hands-on dye class will start with a brief explanation of the process, and then we get to mix up some colour and toss some dye onto a choice of Worsted, Dk, or Fingering weight yarns. Choose from Fairy Wrap (100% super smooshy worsted weight SW merino) Pixie Wrap (100% crisp DK weight SW merino) or Sleipnir (A fingering weight 80% SW merino and 20% nylon with a unique 2step twist perfect for almost anything but fantastic for socks or shawls) All the dye, yarn and tools will be supplied by Dragon Strings, you just need to bring your fantastic selves, your happy inspirational ideas and maybe some old clothes as things tend to get a bit messy.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials (Included): Your choice of Worsted, Dk , or Fingering weight yarn. $20 value. You will have the opportunity to purchase additional yarn to dye in the workshop on site.

Cost: $90 + tax


Join Lesley, owner of Rosehaven Yarn Shop, to learn the fun techniques of needle felting.

We will start with the basics of how to create the core of a 3D item and then work into that with needle felting, learning tricks and techniques of how to add detail and blend colours. This small creation can turn into any felted critter. We will use the chickadee as our first project. Lesley will bring materials along for purchase so you can go on to create any bird you choose, including things like: cardinals, nuthatches and blue jays. Or create gnomes, mushrooms or any animal or creature you can think of.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials (Included): materials needed to felt 2 chickadees that will be about 3" long. $20 value.

Cost: $80 + tax

Learn this simple but exciting method of knitting squares already joined together. No sewing except for ends! We will complete as much of this dishcloth as possible, but all concepts will be covered and there are written instructions to take home to finish. Once you master this technique the sky’s the limit!

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: each student needs bring with them one skein each of two contrasting colours of dishcloth cotton and 4.0 mm double point needles

Cost: $50 + tax


A couture and fabulous finishing touch created by Lucy Neatby for your double button band cardigan. This can be completed with the same-coloured yarn or a contrast, whichever you prefer. Class includes very detailed written instructions for creating the double button band and the buttonhole all at once. No sewing required!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: each student needs to bring two extremely contrasting colours (NO black), about 50m of main colour and 10m of accent colour. This can be in fingering or dk weight with corresponding needles (double pointed needles, straight or circular), blunt point darning needle suitable for weight of yarn. There will be homework for this class but only about 20 minutes worth.

Cost: $50 + tax

Register for this workshop:

Saturday Oct. 22 from 1:30 - 4:00 PM 

This session is for those of us who are curious about meditation, but are afraid we lack the ability to dominate ourselves through rigorous self-discipline. Fiona teaches silent meditation with compassion for the struggle, decades of experience, and a lot of playful joy.

Cost: $35 + tax


10% of the proceeds for this session will support House of Friendship.


Register for this workshop:

Sunday Oct. 22 from 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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